Norah Br******          9/16/2017     Louisville, Kentucky


    Thank you for the GREAT job you did for my husband's 45th Birthday party.  We had sooo much fun. Nobody could believe thast when Jim wanted your Johnny Lightning shirt that you actually gave him the shirt off your back. You are truly great!!!


THUMBTACK    Client review ***** 8/19/2017

Shawn & Tina Jack***  Clarksville, Tennessee:

 Johnny Lightning was the DJ for our wedding. He was a pleasure to deal with. He arrived early and stayed late. We all had a great time and we highly recommend Johnny Lightning.



Joseph Vartabed***          8/12/2017    Cincinnati, Ohio


  Thank you for making my daughter's sweet 16 party so great. All the kids as well as the adults had so much fun. You are a true professional and I will highly recommend you.


THUMBTACK    Client review ***** 7/22/2017

       Johnny arrived early and stayed late. He performed our ceremony and it was beautiful. The music was spot on and everybody had a great time. We highly recommend Johnny Lightning, Sharon & Dave



Ferida Mast***     fmas*******

to me: 7/15/2017

  Johnny, thank you for everything you did for my son's wedding. You were amazing and everyone had a great time. We will recommend you to our friends.



Nancy Mad***          6/27/2017     Murfreesboro Tennessee


       Thank you for making our wedding a night to remember. You were everything we had hoped for and more. You are truly amazing and we will highly recommend you.


THUMBTACK    Client review ***** 5/13/2017

 We hired Johnny to DJ and Officiate our wedding at Sleeping Bear Lodge here in Greenbriar Tennessee. He was amazing. We highly recommend Johnny Lightning.


Becky Bit***    5/7/2017  Lexington, KY


Johnny, Thank you for the great job you did on our High School Prom. You were great as usual and I am sure we will be using you again next year. TY, Becky



Laura Pax****     lpax***

to me: 4/29/2016

   Johnny we are so happy we hired you to DJ our family reunion. I don't know when we ever had so much fun. You are a real HOOT  (LOL). Thanks, Laura



THUMBTACK    Client review ***** 4/14/2017

We Hired Johnny Lightning to DJ our wedding reception. He was so professional and easy to deal with.  He arrived early, stayed late and did everything we asked. He played all the music we requested and even took requests. We highly recommend Johnny.

Thank You, Laura and Jim


THUMBTACK    Client review ***** 3/18/2017

  Johnny Lightning was the DJ and Wedding Ceremony Officiant for our wedding. Johnny was so easy to deal with. He was kind and professional. He arrived early, set up, performed a beautiful ceremony, played all the music we asked for and even took requests. Johnny told us when we hired him that all of our entertainment worries would be over and he went the extra mile to make that promise a reality. I highly recommend Johnny to anyone needing a DJ.  Johnny is a true professional and there is no way you could do better. Thank You, Amanda Hans**



Emily Sto***          3/4/2017     Murfreesboro Tennessee


   Johnny DJed our high school glow party and he was amazing. The kids all loved him. He had everyone dancing even kids I never thought would dance and the staff members as well. This is the first time we hired a professional DJ for a school event and we were delighted. We will be using him again soon. Thank You, Emily.



Julie sho******  jsh******    1/9/2017  Nashville TN



Thank you for making my daughter's sweet 16 party so great. Everyone had a wonderful time, even the adults. I will recommend you to everyone. Julie.


THUMBTACK    Client review ***** 1/2/2017

From: Marcia Phillips, Personnel director

Safon Metal Industries Inc.

        We hired Johnny Lightning DJ to perform at our 10th annual New Years Eve Extravaganza. We received 10 quotes and after reading all the reviews, I had a good feeling about Johnny. He arrived on time, was prepared, had great equipment and lighting. and was delightful to work with. The music was great, he MC'd the door prizes and made all the announcements that we requested. This was our best New Years Eve Party to date. Johnny exceded all of our expectations and you can be proud to have a talent of this caliber on your team.


Marcia Phillips


Susan Brad****     Sbra********

to me: 12/24/2016

          We would like to thank you for making our Holiday Party a great success. You were amazing. You have a Great voice and we were amazed with your selection of karaoke songs. This was our best corporate party ever and we will definately be using you again. Thank You, Susan.



to me 12/18/2016 Knoxville, TN

   Thank You Johnny for making our Christmas Party great again this year. You were great as usual and we will be using you again in July for our Summer Party. Hope you have a GREAT CHRISTMAS. Thanks again, Christi

Chelsea & Robert Wil***           Chel********

to me:  12/2/2016

               Johnny Lightning you are truly amazing. Our wedding was so great and you did such a fantastic job. When our DJ canceled the day before our wedding we were desperate and we were so lucky to find you. You are so talented and easy to work with. We will recommend you to everybody. You are a life saver. Thank You, Chelsea.



Stephan B**** Stephmagg*****

to me 11/26/2016 Knoxville, TN
Matt C****** mattbr*******
to me 11/5/2016 Louisville, Ky

Johnny, thank you for making our wedding ceremony and reception so wonderful! The ceremony you performed was so beautiful and the music was great. Everybody had such a great time at the reception, dancing, laughing and having fun. You are a true professional and a joy to do business with. We will highly recommend you to anyone needing a DJ. Once again thank you, Matt and Kim.

CLIENT REVIEW 10/29/2016: 5/5 stars *****

Rachael B****** Knoxville, TN says:

Johnny Lightning DJ'd our school prom and he was so great. All the students really loved him. He did really well at finding all the obscure songs that were requested and everyone loved hearing him sing. We will be using him again because we feel he really cared.

Dennis J****** dej*******
to me 10/22/2016 Knoxville, TN

Johnny, thank you for making our wedding reception so great! You were amazing and our reception was so much fun that nobody wanted it to end. All of our guests and family raved about you. Everyone was asking where we found you and you are sure to get more business from our friends and relatives. You assured us that it was going to be great and it truly was. You were exceptional and we are so glad to have met you. Thank you so much, Dennis & Jane W******.

Joyce M***** Cincinnati, Ohio 9/24/2016
to me

Johnny, My daughter is getting married September 24,2016 at 5:30 p.m. at Pebble Park on Route 25 outside of Owensburg and we want to have you do her wedding music as well as DJ the reception.

Jim and I used you ourselves for our wedding October 25,2014 and everyone loved you so much that she really wants you do her wedding as well.

Her name is Brittany and the grooms name is Bryan.

CLIENT REVIEW 9/17/2016: 5/5 stars *****

Victoria Robinson says:

As a professional Wedding Planner in Nashville Tennessee for over 10 years I had the privilege of working with Johnny Lightning. He was hired by my clients and I did not know what to expect. These clients were probably the most difficult you could imagine, making changes right up to the start of the ceremony. Johnny was so understanding and flexible and did it all with a smile and professionalism that is rare in this industry. I highly recommend Johnny Lightning and intend to use him a lot more in the future; Sincerely Victoria Robinson.

Amanda Fra***** *******
to me 8/24/2016 Cincinnati, Ohio

Dear Johnny, thank you for making our wedding day perfect! From the ceremony to the reception, you kept the party going and everyone had a great time! You are a nice person and you exceeded all our expectations. we will highly recommend you! Thanks again and God bless you!

Amanda and Rob fra*****

CLIENT REVIEW 7/23/2016: 5/5 stars *****

Sherry A****says:

Johnny was the DJ for a late Christmas party for our friends and work associates. he played great dance music and kept everyone involved. he had every karaoke song that was requested and is an amazing singer. I highly recommend Johnny and we will be using his services again. Thank You, Sherry and Bert A*******

Client Review: 6/18/2016 5/5 stars *****

Johnny Lightning was simply a joy to work with. As a wedding planner and organizer I have worked with many DJs, and Johnny is without a doubt the best. He organized and ran the rehearsal like a true pro. He performed the ceremony, the ceremony music in one location, and the reception at another. Johnny's communication skills are unsurpassed. He is so easy going and flexible and everybody loved him. I am positive I will be working with him again soon as I plan to recommend him whenever asked about DJ services.

Susan Franklin, Wedding Consultant, Bloomington, Indiana

CLIENT REVIEW 6/11/2016: 5/5 stars *****

Ralph says:

Johnny, thank you for everything. Everyone had so much fun. The ceremony you performed was so beautiful and the music was right on time. So many people asked us where we found you. Nobody else could have performed such a great Italian wedding. From the song choices to everyone dancing the Sicilian Tarrantella, it was amazing. We will highly recommend you to everyone we know, Thank You. Ralph and Karen Cal********

DarrellG***** Nashville, TN
to me 6/6/2016

Thank you so much for all you did to make our wedding day perfect! From the ceremony to the reception, you kept the happy flow moving and we all had a super time! You are a super nice person and we are thankful we met you! Thanks again and God bless you!

Darrell Bryan & Marketta Lynn Ge****

CLIENT REVIEW 6/1/2016: 5/5 stars *****

Johnny provided his services for our June 7th wedding. He arrived prepared and ready to do both the ceremony (outside) and the reception (inside). He was extremely professional, but absolutely a treat! He gave us a serenade for our wedding, which was above and beyond anything that I ever imagined! We couldn't have been happier with Johnny, I will recommend him to everyone and certainly hire him again! Thanks Johnny!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morgan

CLIENT REVIEW 5/14/2016: 5/5 stars *****

Michelle says:
Johnny, thank you so very much. Frankie and I had a great time all thanks to you. We are going to have a summer party next year and would love if you would DJ that for us as well :) Thank you again, you are absolutely wonderful!

Client Review   5/11/2016      5/5 stars *****

How can I fit everything there is to say about Johnny in this small box. To begin, his communication was outstanding. He got back to emails usually same day and was always professional. He took care of all the small details and made this piece of our wedding amazingly easy. The day of the wedding, we had a change of schedule and he was able to come early with no problem. His DJ and MC abilities were the talk of the reception!! We received dozens of compliments from our guests. He even sang us a song which was such a wonderful surprise! I would hire him again and again and would recommend him to anyone looking for a DJ or MC!

Amanda Gr****Am********* Nashville, TN
to me 5/1/2016

Thank you for making our wedding so great. Everybody had such a great time and you were so easy to work with. We highly recommend you to anyone that needs a DJ. Thank you, Amanda & Bret.

WhitneyC******w******* Cincinnati,OH
to me 4/16/2016

On 5/24/2014 you were the DJ for my sister's wedding and you did a great job. Since then I have been to my best friend's wedding and my cousin's wedding. The woman who was the DJ for my cousin's wedding was so terrible that all the children and teens went outside because they were bored. I just wanted to tell you that you are AWESOME. When I get married you will be my DJ. You are the best. TY Jen.

5/5 stars ***** Johnny, You were absolutely great as Elvis and our Vegas night was a great success. We will be using you again in the future. Thank You, Daryl Simmons. .

Ashley B******* Ash****** Nashville, TN
to me 4/15/2016

We want to thank you for making our wedding great. The ceremony you performed was so beautiful and the music was great. Everyone had such a wonderful time.
Thank You so much, Ashley and Charles

Maria L**** Louisville, Kentucky

2:32 PM (1 hour ago)

to me 4/7/2016

Johnny, thank you for the wonderful job you did for our daughter's sweet 16 party, it was so great to see her blush as you sang to her. Everyone had a wonderful time and you were really great. Thank You, Maria L****
Kathrine B**** Louisville, Kentucky
6:35 PM (1 hour ago)

to me 3/11/2016

Thank you for for making Bob's 60th surprise birthday so GREAT!! You were the greatest Elvis ever. Your costume was great and you sounded just like Elvis. I never imagined you would be that great. When you met Bob at the door he was so overwhelmed he couldn't talk. This was the first time in 40 years I was actually able to surprise him. Several of our friends asked if you are available for small parties and I told them I was sure that you were. maybe I can get you more jobs. Thanks again for making Bob's 60th so special, Kathy

5/5 stars ***** Dear Johnny, I want to thank you for making my daughters sweet 16 party so special. we didn't have near the turnout we expected, but when you sang to her she was just beaming. I think she actually blushed. All the kids had a great time. I will recommend you to all my friends. Thank you So much, Janice Gr*******
Barbara B******** Louisville, Kentucky
1:35 PM (1 hour ago)
to me 1/19/2016
Dear Johnny, Thank you for the wonderful job you did on our daughter's wedding. Everyone had such a wonderful time. You performed the ceremony with such dignity, and did a great job as our DJ also. The children really loved playing in the bubbles and chasing the lights. Choosing you is the best thing we could have done and we will highly recommend you to our friends. Thanks again, Barbara.
He was a wonderful Santa Claus at our Holiday Party for the UK Pediatric Hem/Onc Clinic. He showed up on time, was great with all ages, and was a real joy to have there. The kids all loved him and he is truly an amazing person. I would highly recommend thi
s Santa to anyone who is looking. Thanks again!!
Hired by: Michael B.
Priced Fairly
Organization: UK DanceBlue
Event Date: December 11th, 2013 
Event: Holiday Party in Lexington, Kentucky 
Services provided: Santa Claus
Whitney C******* w******* Cincinnati,OH
to me 12/7/2015
Great entertainment
He did an amazing job at our poolside luau by playing a wide variety of music. I definately would recommend him for future events,
Hired by: Deborah A.
Priced Fairly

Organization: Clarksville Country Club
Event Date: November 24th, 2015 
Event: Private Party in Clarksville, Tennessee 
Services provided: Karaoke DJ

5/5 stars ***** Johnny Lightning was a great DJ for the 2015 Military Ball. He arrived early, had everything necessary, and conducted himself in a professional dignified manner. He had all the most popular hip hop, pop, and rap tunes that teens and young adults love to dance to, with all the foul language and sexual content censored. As the head master of a military school I highly recommend Johnny Lightning DJ service.

5/5 stars ***** Johnny you are incredible. When our DJ didn't show up we were going crazy. My cousin had been to a wedding you DJ'd last month and said you were great, 3 hours after we called, you arrived and gave us the greatest wedding reception anyone could ask for. You are truly amazing and we are so grateful to you for saving our wedding. I highly recommend you to anyone who needs a DJ. Thank You so much, Shelly P********
5/5 stars***** You were a great Elvis and my wife had the best 40th Birthday party ever. Our friends are still talking about it. You have a great voice and you got the moves too. Thank You, Bill D*****
Heather R. of louisville, Ky. wrote " Thank you for the black light party. It was totally wild. We had so much fun, it was my best birthday ever " You are AWESOME" Heather
to me
Just wanted to thank you for Saturday. Everyone loved you. Thanks so much!
Larie D******** Huntsville, Alabama 7/23/2015
12:25 PM (1 hour ago)
to me
Thanks Johnny! We all had a great time! All my kids friends are raving about what a good time they had on Facebook! I will definately recommend and keep you in mind for the future. Thanks for all your hard work.
Bill & Tabatha S. of Cincinnati wrote " Thank you for making our wedding great. You are something special" Bill and Tabatha.
Gwen and David F. of Bowling Green, Ky. write: " Thank you for filling in at the last minute. You were incredible. We enjoyed every minute. You are a true professional, and saved our wedding. Thank you, Gwen & Dave. "
Gregg & Nancy J. of Lexington, KY. wrote: "Thank you so much for making Gregg's 50th Birthday party so great. He has always loved jimmy Buffett and you were just like the real thing. Everyone had a great time. Thank You so much, Nancy.
Joseph S. of Louisville KY. wrote: " Hi johnny, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did for my wife's birthday party. Everybody had a great time and you were wonderful. You have a great voice and I recommend you highly. Thanks so much, Joe."
Amber B. of Atlanta Ga. wrote: " Johnny you are awesome. I worried because you were so far away, but you arrived right on time and that was the best class reunion we ever had. We hope to have you again next reunion. Thank you so much, Amber.
Laurie F. of Swansea, Illinois wrote: "Thank you Johnny, you were a great D.J., and she had the best Birthday party ever. The next time we need a D.J. we will be calling you. Thanks again, Laurie.
Stephanie J. of Cheatham County, Tennessee; after the high School Spring Formal, wrote :" I Thank You!!! The fact that no one ever stopped dancing, means you did a fabuluous job. I couldn't have pulled it off without you. Thanks so much, Stephanie.
Tonya M. of Cincinnati Ohio wrote : " I would like to thank you for giving me a wonderful wedding. I was so nervous about every aspect of the wedding plans. You were so curteous and knew exactly how to handle the music just the way I wanted. The song you sang was great and everyone is still talking about it. Thank You, Tonya.
Bonnie P. of Louisville KY., writes Thank you for being a great Bat Man, and DJ for the party. It was so much fun, the kids loved it and the adults had just as much fun. The kids karaoke songs and all the dance music was perfect. They loved chasing bubbles and dancing in the lights. They were very impressed with Bat Man. Thanks Johnny, Bonnie.
Deborah B. of Bowling Green, Ky. wrote: " Dear Johnny, thank you for making our daughter's birthday a smashing success. You are a great Jimmy Buffett, and it went well with the hawaiian theme. We all had a lot of fun. Thanks, Debbie."
Nancy G. Indianapolis, Indiana writes: " dear Johnny, you were a great Elvis. I have seen Elvis impersonators in Vegas and they were not as good. you have a great Elvis voice, and all the moves. My girlfriends and I enjoyed every minute, WOOOOOOOOOOOO! ", Nancy and the girls.
Tom and Linda B of Alvaton, Ky wrote: Dear Johnny, thank you for making our wedding reception so wonderful. You are a great singer and D.J.. Several of our guests have inquired about hireing you. I hope it is alright that we gave out your contact information. You were truly great. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Tom & Linda.
William D. of Louisville Ky. says: Johnny Lightning is a great Santa, He was jolly and great with the kids. He read "The Night Before Christmas" and the kids loved it. I highly recommend Johnny as Santa. Thanks, William.
Sam J. of Glasgow, Ky wrote: " I didn't really know what to expect when I hired you for my wife's karaoke birthday party. I never sang karaoke before, and although my wife loves to sing, I didn't know if we could get up the nerve to sing in front of people. You made it so easy, and so much fun. Our family and friends were fighting for the microphones. That was the most fun we have had in a long time. I think we will do it again on my birthday. Thank You, Sam."
Carla K. of Louisville, Ky. Wrote: " Dear Johnny, Thank you for making my wedding reception special. You were the best, and we all loved your voice. When I danced the first dance with my husband, and you sang " Unchained Melody ", I got chills all over. Thank You so much, Carla. "
Bill M. of Bowling Green, Ky wrote: " Johnny, You are the best Elvis ever. My wife was so suprised. She is still talking about it. All of our friends were amazed. I will recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks again, Bill. "
Kenneth Y. of Clarksville, IN says: " Dear Johnny Lightning, I want to thank you for making our Luau party so much fun. You are a great Jimmy Buffett. The mood was perfect and everybody had a fantastic time. I will definately recommend you to all my friends. You will probably be busy from guests at the party. Everybody raved about the entertainment. Thank You, Ken. "
Sandy S. of Nashville Tennessee says: " I found Johnny Lightning on Gig Salad, and hired him for my daughter's 13th birthday party. He was great. He really knows what the kids like to hear and dance to. I highly recommend this D.J. " Thank you, sandy.
Mary G. of Lexington,Ky. writes: " We needed a wedding D.J. but didn't know if we could afford one. We found Johnny Lightning on Gig Salad, and realized we could. Johnny was great. We laughed, sang, and danced for over 6 hrs., but when my 82 yr. old grandfather, and johnny sang "Just a Gigolo" together it brought the house down." , Mary.
Rodger F. of Cincinnati, Ohio says: " We hired Johnny for our son's birthday party. It was out of this world. He far exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Johnny Lightning. ", Bob.
Shirly A. of Franklin, Ky. writes: " Dear Johnny, Thank you for making our daughter's 13th birthday great. The kids( and adults) had a ball. You are the best. Shirley."
Margaret K. of New Albany, Indiana writes: " You are the greatest Elvis going. My husband was so suprised, and all our friends couldn't believe it. This is all anyone could talk about. WOW. Thank You, Margaret."
Travis W. of Goodletsville, Tennessee writes: " Dear johnny Lightning, I want to thank you for all you did to make my father's 50th birthday something he will always remember. I don't think my family ever had that much fun. Thanks again, Travis. "
Barbara H. of Campbellsville, Ky. says: " My cousin had Johnny Lightning for her wedding reception and recommended him highly. I contacted him for my reception and I am so glad I did. Johnny sang everything we asked for, played all the songs we like, and the dance music was out of sight. He's the best. " Barbra.
Robert R. Elizabethtown, Ky., writes: " Johnny lightning is a very talented D.J.. I hired him to run a karaoke party and he did not dissappoint. We had a great time. We sang, he sang, everybody sang, and laughed and danced all night. The best money I ever spent. " Thank You, Rob.

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